Hanoi Cuisine For Sweet And Warm Winter Days

When the autumn is end, the weather begins its winter with the chilli winds and gloomy sky. In the winter days, warm and sweet Hanoi cuisines are always the best choices to blow the cold away. Here is must-try delicious cuisine in the winter that we have listed for you.


Grilled Sweet Potato – Khoai Lang Nướng

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Hanoi Cuisine like grilled sweet potato is the great choice for the winter time (Photo: Internet)


In the winter days, it is hard to ignore the warm and aroma of grilled sweet potato. After grilling, the flesh turns soft and has wonderfully aromatic smell and warmth radiating from the charcoal fire is bewitching enough to attract attention of those who pass through. Taking off the scorched cover, customers you can see the eye-catching yellow flesh and enjoy its delicious aroma. Some people said that enjoying the grilled sweet potato in the winter days can wake up their childhood memory.


Chicken Stew With Herbs – Gà Tần

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 Chicken stew with herbs is not only delicious but also very nutritious and fulfilling  (Photo: Internet)


It is one of the best Vietnamese dishes that deserves a try, especially during the winter days. If you want to make a perfect bowl, choosing the right chicken is very important – not too old and not to young. The chickens are soaked with aromatic medicinal herbs. Next, they are placed over heat, helping the meat soak up all of the flavors while simmering. A bowl is the combination of chicken and healthy traditional herbs such as  goji berries, ginseng, angelica sinensis, dried jujube, artemisia vulgaris, lotus seeds, etc. You can enjoy this nutritious dish with instant noodles. A bowl includes noodles, sprinkled with bean sprouts on top. Then, blackened chicken is piled over the noodles and sprouts, followed by bitter mugwort or “rau ngải cứu” and the trademark black broth.


Pork Ribs Congee – Cháo Sườn

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You can enjoy pork ribs congee with “quẩy”, long golden-brown deep-fried strip of dough (Photo: Internet)


Pork rips congee, also known as cháo sườn, is a fantastic choice to eat for breakfast. People cook this delicious cuisine from two main ingredients including pork ribs and white rice. The seller stew pork ribs for an hour. After that, they take them out, put the rice in the broth and cook until it turns into congee. A perfect bowl of pork rib congee is the combination between the sweetness of the broth and the tenderness of the pork and congee. Furthermore, you should add pepper or chili powder to the dish in order to add warmth during the winter.


Boiled Snails – Ốc Luộc

 20210113 04

The hot snail bowl is rich in the smell of ginger, lemongrass (Photo: Internet)


Talking about the street foods for winter days, you should remember about the boiled snails which has the name “Ốc luộc” in Vietnamese. Walking thought the sidewalk, you can smell the wonderful flavor of the boiled snails in the air. There are 2 types of snail, big snail and small snail. The seller boild snails with lemongrass, lemon and pomelo leaves depending on the experience of them.  The boiled snails water is clear, sweet, and fragrant, making you unable to leave it. The soul of the boiled snail is the bowl of magnetic sauce which is a mixture of fish sauce, lime, chili, sugar, and lemongrass.


Warm Chinese Floating Cake – Bánh Trôi Tàu

 20210113 05

Take the small sip, the warm Chinese floating cake can warm people during the cold days (Photo: Internet)


 As the name, the ball is made from glutinous rice flour wrapping crushed black sesame or mung bean. The delicious balls are soaked in the warm, fragrant sweet soup from ginger and sugar with the creamy coconut milk. Finally, the sellers put shredded fresh coconut and tasty peanuts as toppings.


Hot Plain Rice Flan – Bánh Đúc Nóng

 20210113 06

Locals people can eat hot plain rice plan in the afternoon as a snack (Photo: Internet)


When talking about Hanoi cuisine for the winter, it is not to be missed the hot plain rice flan. The cake is made from rice flour with stirred ground pork meat, black mushrooms, and scallion on the top as toppings. The stock is made from stewed bones mixed with fish sauce. The dish is not too expensive, about 15,000 NND. Believe me! Their smell and taste are true heavens for your sweet tooth.


Hot pot – Lẩu

 20210113 07

Hot pot is delicious Hanoi cuisine for a cold day (Photo: Internet)


The biting cold of Hanoi winter makes for a great chance to enjoy hot pot - a favorite of locals in winter season. There are many kinds of hot pot you can find in Hanoi such as beef, chicken, seafood, frogs, snails, duck, goat, etc. The typical hotpot dishes include meat, fresh vegetables, tofu skin, mushrooms, wontons, taro, egg dumplings, etc. Eating boiling hot pot with relatives and friends on cold days is nothing more wonderful. When the winter comes, you should definitely try this well-known specialty.

Every Hanoi cuisine is delicious enough to warm the cold cold days. Are you ready to enjoy?


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